Spotlight on: Moringa

The Next Superfood?

If you haven’t heard of moringa, you’re not alone! Native to India, this shrub-like tree boasts a number of benefits, from nutritional to skin-protecting. It’s being touted as the next superfood, but we can’t really speak to that.

What we can tell you is that this shrub-like tree is one tenacious plant, thriving in hot and dry conditions and growing very quickly — up to a foot per month! It’s described as “a nutritional Swiss Army knife: it produces edible leaves that are unusually rich in protein, iron, calcium, nine essential amino acids, and vitamins A, B, and C. It’s seedpods, which are as thick as the meaty part of a drumstick and about a foot long, are also high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.” Scientists studying the tree have found that its leaves and pods boast anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties and may contain enzymes that protect against cancer. When the seeds are pressed to produce oil, the leftover “seed cake” can be used to purify drinking water! (Source)

Because of its many beneficial properties, it’s also popping up in personal care products. In skincare products, the crushed seeds offer purifying and cleansing powers while the extract can protect against pollutants and environmental stress.

You may also find it in natural toothpastes, where it is said to remineralize and support bone health, while also fighting gingivitis.

You’ll definitely find it in our Rose & Moringa Toner, where it cleanses and purifies, and protects against pollutants and environmental stress.

Posted by Lindsay on 5/8/2018