Spotlight On: Witch Hazel

The Topical Superstar 

Where exactly does witch hazel come from? And just what makes it so useful?

Witch hazel is an alcohol extract from the flowers, leaves and bark of the North American witch-hazel tree, Hamamelis virginiana. Thanks to the tannins, flavonoids, essential oils, choline and saponins it naturally contains, witch hazel has long been known to effectively treat all sorts of skin ailments when used topically.

Perhaps witch hazel’s best known application is as a toner for the skin. It tightens the pores, can slow down or stop bleeding (making it a perfect inclusion in after shave), reduces swelling, and helps with itching and minor pain. Its antiseptic and anti-viral properties make it a wonderful toner or even cleanser for oily or problem skin.

Because it is so widely beneficial, witch hazel appears in most of our sprays: After Sunny Aloe MistTake a Hike Outdoor JooseTicked Off Coat & Bed SpritzJack Shave SpritzSittin' Pretty Perineal SprayRestore Mat Spray, and our Fido Freshener Coat Spritz.

Posted by Lindsay on 5/22/2018