Spotlight On: Chamomile

Chamomile flowers

Chamomile is one of the classic medicinal herbs, used for thousands of years for a variety of therapeutic purposes. First noted in ancient Egypt as a cure for fever, it was also commonly used by the Romans to flavour beverages and in incense, and by the Norse as a type of shampoo to add lustre to hair. Chamomile was even used to flavour beer before being replaced by hops for this purpose.

Today, chamomile is a common herb, most recognized as a soothing tea that calms and aids with sleep. Some clinical trials have been done on the herb and found evidence in its effectiveness in speeding wound healing, reducing swelling of hemorrhoids and treating eczema. (Source:

Chamomile owes its effectiveness as a medicinal herb to its terpenoid and flavonoid content. Its effects can be found in both the dried herb as well as the essential oil — though of course each is utilized differently.

Knowing its wound healing abilities, we have identified chamomile as a beneficial ingredient to include in our Smooth as a Baby’s Bum Balm. It is one of the four herbs we use to infuse olive oil which is the base for not only this hugely popular product, but also our Happy Mumma Nipple Butter and our Bottoms Up! Baby Bum Spray. We also include a scoop of chamomile petals in each jar of Milky Way Herbal Oat Wash, which is meant for soothing dry and itchy skin, young and old — so of course, the perfect place for chamomile!

Chamomile essential oil has also been included in our Sensitive Skin Facial Oil so that sensitive faces can reap the benefits of chamomile’s soothing abilities.

Posted by Lindsay on 1/15/2019