Spotlight On: Coco Glucoside

Coco glucoside

In our search for a natural foaming agent to create a gentle, high sudsing bath foam, we had a few non-negotiable requirements: first, we needed it to be free of questionable ingredients like diethanolamides (DEAs), lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde. Second, we wanted it to be both sustainably produced and completely biodegradable — for a cosmetic ingredient, this means it needs to be easily broken down by enzymes in bacteria (or plants and animals). Third, we were looking for something non-drying and gentle.

A lot to ask, maybe, but luckily for us, coco glucoside is the perfect option! 

Made by combining glucose with coconut fatty acids, this surfactant (or foaming agent) is rated a “1” in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database (the safest rating). And foam it does! We love this stuff as the base for our Bath Foams, as just a teaspoon or two provides an entire tub full of foamy, creamy bubbles.

You may also find coco glucoside as a prime ingredient in natural shampoos, thanks to its foaming action, its gentleness and its ability to clean without drying or stripping skin and hair of their natural moisture.

We can attest that after soaking in a tub of these luscious bubbles, our skin really does feel great — much different than after a bubble bath with some… errr, less natural brands.

Posted by Lindsay on 1/31/2019