Spotlight On: Ravintsara

While many people associate the scents of tea tree and eucalyptus with treating cold and flu symptoms, there is an unsung hero with similar properties that often goes unmentioned — perhaps because its name is a bit tricky!Ravintsara (\rā-vənt ˈsär-uh\) is in the same family as cinnamon and camphor, and it smells similar to camphor as well as eucalyptus, however, it is considerably sweeter and gentler than either of these two oils. As soon as Ravintsara hits your nostrils, it is apparent that it is going to help you breathe more clearly. Indeed, this oil benefits the respiratory and immune systems, and thus is commonly used for asthma, bronchitis, persistent coughs, laryngitis, respiratory tract congestion, cold & flu, and to assist in countering bacterial or viral infections.


Because it shines in these applications, we include Ravintsara in our All Better Synergy Blend as well as in our All Better Aromatic Chest Balm, and we have also added it to the traditional Thieves blend to create our Thick as Thieves synergy.

Ravintsara may also be used for wound care, infections, shingles, herpes (lip and genital), lymphatic drainage, and general body detoxification. On the psychological side of things, Ravintsara may be used to combat anxiety, illness brought on by stress, insomnia, nervous fatigue, and depression. It is said to be able to assist individuals in realizing their potential, increase the desire for change, and may help to reduce anguish and fear.

All of this combined with its fresh scent and its gentleness explain why Ravintsara is one of our favourite essential oils!

Posted by Lindsay on 1/24/2017